What is a summary of the short story "Seven Cream Jugs" by Saki?

me103 | Student

The story is about the Pigeoncotes, who have recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and received numerous silver gifts from their family and friends, including seven silver jugs. One day, while they were both in their comfortable house in London, they received a telegram saying their cousin, Wilfrid, a known kleptomaniac, wanted  to visit them.The couple didn't like the idea of having him in their house when they had so many gifts lying around in the house. They both ultimately decide to let him visit but keep an eye on him.

When Wilfrid arrived, they treated him kindly but eyed him like a hawk. After dinner, they showed him their gifts. Eventually, Wilfrid went off to sleep. To the couple's surprise, they found a silver jug missing when they counted them all. Both of them became furious and decided to search Wilfrid's suitcase in the morning while he takes his bath. Next morning, as planned, they go into his room and find a silver jug in his suitcase. They quietly take it away. At breakfast, Wilfrid tells them about the theft of a jug from his suitcase, which he had brought as an anniversary gift for them. Both of them are in a state of shock at this disclosure. They tried to cover up the blunder by giving an excuse that Wilfrid himself might have kept the jug with the other jugs last night and must have forgotten about it. Wilfrid told them that it was not possible, as he had seen the jug before leaving for the bath.

Mrs. Pigeoncote soon thought of something and asked her husband to fetch her some smelling salts. As he left the room, she told Wilfrid about her husband's harmelss  disease of kleptomania and requested he keep it to himself.

Months later, the couple was visited by Mrs. Consuelo. To Mr. Pigeoncote's surprise, Mrs. Consuelo carried her suitcase to the bathroom. He was amazed, as every lady who visited them did the same. This is likely because word might have been spread about his habit of kleptomania, to which he was still unaware.