I need a summary/response on the article "Life after High School" by Annie Murphy Paul.

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Murphy’s piece touches on high school socialization as a predictor of adult success—that is, the premise that one’s ability to be popular or “fit in” plays a significant role in the sort of adult one will become. After briefly summarizing the work of several researchers and authors on this subject, Paul comes to the conclusion that high school is simply one factor among many that helps us form character.

In terms of “responses,” I’d say that the research that Paul cites is inconclusive or contradictory. While she cites a study at the University of Wisconsin that seems to indicate that high school experiences do indeed have lifelong consequences, she also summarizes other work from the University of Virginia that questions the notion of “popularity.” She also discusses the work of author Alexandra Robbins, whose book The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth argues that the very personality traits that make “geeks” outsiders in high school tend to make them successful...

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