The Home and the World Questions and Answers
by Rabindranath Tagore

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What are points of importance that must be brought out in a summary of The Home and the World?

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I think that one of the most essential elements to bring out in any summary of Tagore's novel would be the interplay between the three main characters.  Bimala, Nikhil, and Sandip represents the three main characters, but also embody the fundamental challenge that Tagore sees India facing in the drive for independence.  For Tagore, these three characters represent different elements of the human experience in the changing political landscape of India.  It is essential to ensure that a summary represents these characters well.  Along these lines, I believe that Tagore's novel's summary is one that must stress the historical context in which it was written.  The Indian Independence Movement was beginning to take form and its permeating all aspects of Indian society was becoming to be evident.  The drive for Indian independence from Britain, as well as the inter- cultural challenges between Hindus and Muslims form a critical element of the novel and must be included in any summary of it.  Tagore's own view about how Indians will navigate such challenges becomes one of the basis of his novel.

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