Summarize "A Gift from Saint Nicholas"

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“A Gift from Saint Nicholas” by S.E. Schlosser tells the story of a wealthy cobbler, Claas Schlaschenschlinger, who lived on New Street in New Amsterdam. Along with his great wealth, accumulated from his cobbler business as well as selling geese, was complete when he met and married the beautiful Anitje. At first things went well, and the family continued to prosper.

Soon, however, the family was thrust into poverty by the vengeful burgomaster, who had competed for Anitje’s hand before she decided to marry Claas. Finally, the last of their food was served on Christmas Eve.

To feed his family, Claas found a pipe he received as a gift one Christmas, which he decided to sell.

As he looked at the pipe, a little old, white bearded man came into the house. This figure was later revealed to be Saint Nicholas. He provided food for a Christmas Eve feast and left at midnight. The following morning, it was revealed that the family’s wealth was restored in the form of a bag of silver and a house made of brick.




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