Frankenstein Questions and Answers
by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein book cover
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I need a summary of "Frankenstein."

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You can get a complete summary of Frankenstein here at enotes. Go to the website below and click on "Summary and Analysis" for the particular chapter you want. There is also a one-page summary if that is all you need.

Basically, the story is about Dr. Frankenstein and the monster he creates from spare body parts. Once the doctor is finished with his creature, he cannot stand to look at it because it's so hideous. He then leaves the creature to fend for itself. The creature must learn everything by watching, and he frightens everyone who sees him. Later, the creature asks the doctor to make a mate for it so it won't be lonely, and Dr. Frankenstein refuses. The creature becomes so angry, it kills the doctor's wife on their wedding night. He also kills the brother of the doctor. Dr. Frankenstein then searches for the monster, vowing to hunt it down until he finds it and kills it. The doctor is found by the narrator, Walton, and he tells Walton the whole story.

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