I need a summary, analysis or some explanation for "The Day of Judgement" (by John Newton).

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This poem covers themes of virtue, temptation, punishment or heavenly reward for good works. "The Day Of Judgement" by John Newton warns about giving in to the temptations of Satan for short term gain on earth and then repenting at lesuire later when suffering the punishment for moral weakness - burning in a sinners' lake in hell. For those who resist the temptations to an easy and immoral life offered by Satan however, the consolation of God's appreciation is promised - the inconveniences and hardships of a virtuous life would be made up for in heaven:  "we shall triumph when the world is in a blaze."  It's either a choice of being thrown to Satan and his dark angels or being called to God's right hand as a good and faithful servant.

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