What is a summary of the poem "The Day of Judgement"?

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jamatters eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One way to approach any poem, or written analysis of a poem, is the TPCASTT method. I have my students write out the answers to the mneumonic and then break up the answers into paragraphs (after turning the answers into complete sentences).

TPCASTT stands for:

Title (What do you think the title means before you read the poem?)

Paraphrase (In your own opinion, what does each stanza of the poem mean?)

Connotation (Are there any implied meanings or symbols in the poem?)

Attitude (How does the author feel about the subject they are writing about?)

Shifts (Are there any shifts in the author's feelings about the subject of the poem? Does the tone change from lighthearted to sad?)

Theme (Is there a message to the poem, a lesson to be learned?)

Title, again (What does the title mean now that you've read it?)

I know this isn't a direct answer for you, but it'll allow you to break down your analysis of the poem. I'm sure you can find quick summaries of it all over the Internet, but this'll allow you to make the analysis your own.

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