I need a summary about the book called "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Greene 

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eNotes has detailed chapter summaries of the novel, which you can read via the link below. 

anjali989 | Student

Narrator Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen-year-old girl with terminal cancer, was pulled out of school at thirteen and rarely socializes with people her age. After being diagnosed with clinical depression, she joins a support group for children with cancer where she meets Augustus Waters. Hazel introduces Augustus to her favorite novel, the fictional Peter Van Houten's An Imperial Affliction, about another girl with cancer who nevertheless lives a good life—until the novel ends mid-sentence. Hazel attempts to contact Van Houten have always been futile, but Augustus—who also takes interest in the novel—contacts Van Houten via email. The author promises to answer any questions about the book if the two come to Amsterdam. Augustus uses a "Wish" he received because of his poor health to take Hazel and her mother to Amsterdam.

Van Houten presents himself as a rude alcoholic. Hazel finds his comments and demeanor troubling, and leaves Van Houten's home, followed by his assistant, who quits out of anger. The group then visits Anne Frank's house, where Augustus and Hazel share a passionate kiss. They decide to go back to Augustus's hotel room, where they have sex. Soon after this, Augustus reveals that he recently had a PET scan that found new tumors.

In the remaining weeks of his life back in Indianapolis, Hazel sees Augustus slowly deteriorating and begins to break down mentally, lashing out at her parents and avoiding friends. Augustus asks to have a funeral that he can watch, so approximately eight days before his death, Hazel and Isaac, a cancer patient in remission who had both of his eyes removed, share their eulogies with Augustus. When Augustus finally dies, Hazel has expected it for some time, but she is still crushed. At his funeral she does not give the eulogy she gave him previously, deciding that "funerals are for the living". To her bewilderment, she finds that Peter Van Houten has attended Augustus's funeral and, as he tries to reconcile with her, Hazel realizes that he wrote An Imperial Affliction because someone close to him had cancer. It turns out she is correct, and that he lost his daughter to cancer when she was eight years old. Hazel talks to Isaac, and he mentions that Augustus said he was writing something for Hazel, but Isaac did not know what it was. Hazel believes that it was the alternate ending Augustus had promised to write for An Imperial Affliction. She searches his room, her room, and any other place she believes it could be. She finally comes to the conclusion that what he wrote was not for her, but perhaps for Peter. She emails his assistant who promises to look for it. Hazel then learns through an email that the missing pages of Augustus's notebook were actually a eulogy he had written for her, and wanted Peter to proofread. At the very end of the novel Augustus's eulogy reads, "You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers." To this, Hazel replies, "I do, Augustus, I do."


melissa1106 | Student

The fault in our stars is a book about a girl named hazel grace Lancaster who has cancer and is terminally ill. She goes to a support group and meets a boy named Augustus waters. he does not have cancer anymore and is in remission. They start to hang out more and she introduces him to a book called an imperial affliction. They set out on a journey to meet the author and ask him what happens after the book ends. They fall in love but then Augustus gets cancer again and he passes away. He leaves Hazel a note says he enjoying their time together and he hopes she did too