I need a suggestion on writing an essay using APA guidelines. My essay is about the role of human resources and its functions in the department This is due on Sunday at 5 PM MST.

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shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most companies of any significant size have human resources departments that are responsible for administering programs for company employees. This makes it possible for company management to focus on other tasks, such as employee supervision, strategic planning, customer service, and research and development.

Business and employment law has become so complex that it requires a well-educated team of professionals to handle employee relations in a legally correct manner. For this reason, colleges with business schools now offer degrees in human resource management.

If I were writing a paper on the modern human resources department, I would focus on that aspect of the job—how a human resources department works to ensure company compliance with programs such as equal employment opportunity law. Companies that do not follow such laws appropriately open themselves up to costly lawsuits and negative publicity, so it is in a company’s best interest to make sure they have trained professionals who can navigate those legal matters effectively.

Other human resource department functions include: payroll processing, record keeping, benefits administration (insurance, etc.), recruiting, hiring, training, employee satisfaction programs, etc. Companies run on the strength of their employees—think of human resources as the part of the company that keeps the employees legally employed and, hopefully, happy with their jobs.

As for using APA guidelines, the best thing for to do is to use a site like Purdue’s Online Writing Lab. They have a lot of current information on how to write a paper using APA style. There is far too much to summarize here, and the rules that you would need to use depend on the requirements your teacher has laid out for your paper. Typically, teachers want you to format your paper correctly and cite your sources according to the style required. The Purdue Online Writing Lab site includes examples that make it easy to use.