I will be speaking for 10 mins. regarding Great Expectations, Chapters1-4. Could someone help me develop some points?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I had to give such a speech, I would focus on Pip's lot in life as a young boy.  Dickens uses the first four chapters to establish not only Pip's quite miserable existence under his sister's authority but also to introduce some of the novel's most important characters in regards to Pip's development (discuss Joe and Pip's amiable relationship).

If you want to do a little research by checking out eNotes' historical background for the novel, click the link below, and it will help you discuss the plight of "orphans" during Pip's time period.  You might also want to do a little breakdown of the social classes of the time which would help your classmates better understand Pip, Miss Havisham, and the convict.

If you're allowed to have speaking cards or notes, try to develop an outline with perhaps points on Pip's lonely life as a boy, the background of convict ships and orphans from Victorian England, and social class structure.  For each point, make sure that you cite specific examples from the first four chapters to support what you are saying.  Good luck!

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