I need some traits or charateristics about chivalrous and heroic ideas, such as loyalty and what else?Give me some traits, not definition. Thank you.

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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Knights are known for their code of ethics and behavior and most of the qualities commonly associated with knights revolve around being good Christians and good soldiers.  They are expected to be loyal to their king and fellow knights -- this would be eminately important in battle.  Their respect for their fellow man extended to a high respect for women.  Women were to be treated with respect and in a fashion of courtly love -- appropriate behavior in wooing and winning a women was the expectation.  Knights were also expected to take care of people who needed care and protection -- the weak and the poor for example. Most positive virtues one can think of would have been the expectation for knights including things like honesty, integrity, creativity and demonstrating behavior that was respectful, charitable, thoughtful.

Below is a great web site that has a very complete list of ideas for you to consider.