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by Yann Martel

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I need some supporting points on why Pi's story in "Life of Pi" is an example of the Quest pattern (overcomes challenges, etc.). Basically why is Pi a good example of the quest pattern - need solid points on which i can build on Thanks

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A traditional "Quest" story involves a hero who must overcome challenges in order to achieve a goal or treasure.  Think of Odysseus from "The Odyssey".  He is a heroic leader who must overcome a series of obstacles in order to get home. 

In this story, Pi fits the characteristics of a hero, even though he is only 16.  He is intelligent and mature beyond his years, as shown by his studies in religion and in science.  He speaks insightfully about his fellow students in religion who were "in the thrall of reason, that fool's gold for the bright."  He shows he is able to integrate spiritual and intellectual concerns in his life, even at his age.  His frienship with Mamaji also shows that he is beyond his years; he does not associate with his peers, but with his superiors.

After he is...

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