In "The Crucible" I need some quotes relating to the prompt "who we are is truly tested when we encounter conflict".

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In Act 4 of the play "The Crucible", John Proctor is brought out of jail and pressured into confessing that he was a witch, even though he was not one.  In this situation, John is up against huge conflict; and, he chooses to not confess.  In this test, his true character is revealed to be a man of integrity and grit, and that only came out as he was put into that conflict.  After he tears up his confession, he says,

"You have made your magic now, for now I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor."

This quote shows that who he was was truly tested through his conflict; he calls that conflict "magic" that has revealed his "goodness".

Another situation is Rebecca Nurse.  She is made out to be a saintly and kind old lady.  She too is accused of witchcraft.  Imagine being very old and being imprisoned for months, then brought out and pressured to confess to witchcraft.  Under this stressful conflict, her only response to being accused of being a witch is,

"Why, it is a lie, it is a lie; how may I damn myself?  I cannot, I cannot."

Under diress, she stays true to that goodness, even when tested under awful circumstances.

One last example is Giles Corey, who in the play is arrested because he won't reveal the name of a man who accused Thomas Putnam of "killing...neighbors for their land."  He is strapped down, and stones are put on his chest.  This is a true test of his character; they add more and more weight each time he denies giving them the name.  Giles reveals his true firey yet honest self when his only response is, "More weight."  Under his test, he is revealed to be a strong man, committed to his convictions.

I hope those help; good luck!

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