I need some points to support me for this motion:  India will be better run if politicians are left out of government.I need some points to support me for this motion:  India will be better run...

I need some points to support me for this motion:  India will be better run if politicians are left out of government.

I need some points to support me for this motion:  India will be better run if politicians are left out of government.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are some significant points that can be made here.  The first would be that Indian bureaurcracy is amongst the largest in the world.  This makes the "red- tape" element one of the most difficult to counter.  Along these lines, there is much to suggest that the public sector is not working for the good of the people.  Appropriated funds do not reach its intended group, while the level of "red tape" makes any significant change to this system almost impossible.  While there are some parts of the government that sincerely strives to do good, the inertia of the entire system is far too much.  There are many examples of public service employees who represent the worst in government.  They enjoy massive protection and do little work:

Unannounced visits by government inspectors showed that 25% of public sector teachers and 40% of public sector medical workers could not be found at the workplace. Teacher absence rates ranged from 15% in Maharashtra to 71% in Bihar. Despite worse absence rates, public sector teachers enjoy salaries at least five times higher than private sector teachers. India's absence rates are among the worst in the world.

justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think there is a little confusion here regarding the role of politicians. Politicians should be the ones framing policy, creating laws and the alike, doing what is the role of the legislature. What politicians should not be allowed to influence in any way is the judiciary and the executive.

In India, I think a majority of the problems arise because the executive and even the judiciary to an extent is controlled by the politicians. The police force here is afraid to act against criminals because they can easily have an honest policeman transferred, suspended or fired by the politicians. Corruption is rampant as the officials in charge of controlling it are under the control of politicians.

People have to wait for decades to get justice as the police cannot play their role of arresting criminals and collecting evidence. Politicians can over-ride orders of the courts as there isn't anyone to keep them in check.

If politicians were to only do what they are supposed to and stay out of the other two branches, I can say with confidence that India wouldn't take more than a couple of decades to emerge as the next Superpower.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with the previous comment.  While my post did not address the actual politicians in India, I think that it might be the design of the politicians to include so much red tape and so many barriers to actual change on an substantive level of change.  This only indicates that the politicians in India might benefit from the Status Quo.  I think that the idea behind what I was trying to say was that the creation of the structure of India might be a design of politicians.  Teachers and medical workers might not be politicians, but some of them benefit from knowing politicians and the existence of a type of "spoils system" helps to keep positions open to those who are "in the know" and relegate other voices to the side.  This might be why the initial call for politicans' absence could assist in allowing Indian government to actually be better.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would point out that Post #2 says little about actual politicians.  The teachers are not politicians, neither are the medical workers.  So I do not think that those numbers prove that politicians are the problem.

I do agree with Post #2, though, about the red tape that is put in place largely by politicians.  The impact of this can be seen in how the state of Gujarat has a much faster rate of growth than the rest of India.  Gujarat has less of this red tape, which helps it attract businesses like the production plant for the Tata Nano.

This implies that when politicians don't interfere so much, India's economy can grow.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think most countries believe that they would be better run without politicians.  Unfortunately, politicians are part of every government's structure.  India has a large populaces, thus leading it to have more representatives.  Politicians are the foundation of government.  Having less of them might solve the problem, but the real issue is having less corruption.  This goes for any government, but India also suffers from the aftermath of British colonialism.  Starting from scratch is not really an option, but trimming the fat might involve more than limiting the number of politicians.