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In Chapter 9 Greg goes and talks with Jean Hoerni, a millionaire. He gives him a check for $10,000 and tells him to get the school built as quickly as he could.  Jean wants to see a photo and tells Greg he isn't getting younger.

Greg returned to Pakistan and bargains for materials to build a bridge.  It was hard but Greg got the supplies that he needed.  He wanted to get it done before heavy rains came.  For the first time a Balti woman touches him in friendship.  Greg steps into the kitchen to make tea to show his being a part of the family.  This is unusual in the culture since the kitchen is a woman's place.

A tomar is a badge of courage used to drive away evil spirits and it was given to Greg by Twaha.  Greg tied it to his jacket zipper. Greg's feet are very cold as he and two hunters are looking for meat in the cold.  One of the men  stuffed  Greg's shoes with hay to keep his feet warm.  The hunters finally kill a large male Ibex and skin it ad cut up its meat.  When they returned to the village they gave out little chunks of animal fat to the children as treats.


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