I need the some important quotes from chapter 19 of To Sir, with Love.the analysis of the important quotes

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jmj616 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 19 of "To Sir, With Love," the author describes the great enjoyment and fulfillment that he begins to derive from his teaching position.  As the chapter continues, however, the author tells of a disappointing incident among his students, the first of several disappointing experiences at the the school.

The author's happiness and fulfillment can be represented by the following two quotations:

a) "The school seemed to be the touchstone of my happiness."

b) "I was learning from them as well as teaching them."

His disappointment can be represented by these quotations:

a) "We sit in this classroom day after day and talk of things and you all know what's expected of you; but at the first sign of bother you forget it all."

b) "Your Headmaster is under fire from many quarters because he believes in you...If today's effort is an example of your future behavior I hold out very little hope for you."

Another interesting quotation is where the author, Braithwaite, states his attitude about discrimination:

I've been pushed around until I began to hate people so much that I wanted hurt them, really hurt the....one thing I learned...is to try always to be a bit bigger than the people who hurt me.  It is easy to reach for a knife or a gun; but then you become merely a tool and knife or gun takes over...