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I need some ideas for a marketing project on any topic such as advertising, customer behavior, product placement, etc.

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Tim Mbiti eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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The process I personally follow when coming up with a research project topic would be to think of the variables that would be tested. This is especially with regards to the dependent and independent variables. When we consider advertising you can state how bill boards are affecting consumer buying behaviour or to what extent would television advertising improve sales of a particular product (case study). If you decide product strategy then a sample topic would be Would additional features have an impact on profit objectives of ABC company etc these are just some rough ideas but I hope they help. Read some articles as this also helps with coming up with some outstanding topics.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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An alternative to the create-your-own product suggestion is to research a famous case of marketing mishap or successful strategy. A mishap might include Burger King's attempt to redesign its fries in the 90s. For successful strategies, consider marketing that made it into pop culture, such as the Pepsi Challenge.

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Edith Sykes eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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There is an interesting debate going on in society right now regarding the impact of fast food on the growth of obesity among children.  McDonald's, in particular,  has responded to this growing trend that suggests that McDonald's should be held accountable for the health problems of obese people who eat the food at their restaurant.

This is a big topic in marketing, consumer behavior and advertising, because there is a suggestion in this accusation that successful advertising has contributed to an increase in the rate of obese children especially in America.  There is also a suggestion that consumers do not has free choice or take personal responsibility for their food choices that in some way McDonald's is responsible for luring these people into the franchise.  As if they were inclined to buy this food, exclusively, because it is less expensive than other food.

The topic lends itself to analysis, you could examine consumer behavior, which is a psychological study of the buying habits of people, and measure the level of responsibility that advertising plays in influencing the decision of the consumer.

Does advertising really motivate to a hypnotic level the customer so that he cannot resist the urge to buy the product?  Is McDonald's really brainwashing their customers into a life of health problems because they come to the franchise to eat Big Macs, french fries and milkshakes?

It is a fascinating question to consider, at what point does the individual become less responsible for his behavior due to the influence of advertising? And, can successful advertising be blamed for the increase in obese children who eat McDonalds?

Keep in mind that McDonalds responded to this accusation by adding healthy food choices to their menu.  They offer choices in kids meals, milk instead of soda, fruit instead of french fries, salads are on the menu, grilled chicken, yogurt. But statistics show that most people go to McDonald's for the burgers, fries and shakes.  In fact, the fries are the best selling product in the restaurant.

There are many websites that will give you detailed information about this topic.  Also, the book Fast Food Nation is a good source as is the movie Supersize Me.


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M.P. Ossa, M.A. eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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how about you create a product (say, create a snack, or drink), create a packaging for it using Photoshop (or even Word Clipart), and have your classmates sample it, and vote on it. If the results are over 90% satisfaction, use that statistic as a way to produce a commercial for your product which as been "tested" with a 90% approval rating. Do the commercial with the same packaging you used for the product u created, and just push it with good posters. Who knows? it MIGHT become a real product some day.

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sonalikodituwakku | Student

Hi, I'm an undergrad and I need to conduct a research in marketing in the financial or banking industry. Can someone please give me idea for a topic?

user7910558 | Student

Can anyone please provide me some ideas about creating a new product for marketing except food and mechanical items? It'd help me in my university project.

Thank you in advance.

primeoutsourcing | Student

You can start by thinking of a product or service that you may want to sell and think of ways on how you would sell it. You can focus on the new channels for advertising or what we call the "new media". This mainly revolves around using the internet or online resources to sell your product or service. If you want a more extensive project, you can turn it into a comparative study on whether new media advertising is more effective than traditional media advertising (TV, Radio, Print). :) Good luck!

rosehusten | Student

You can get the help from the internet as there are many topic on marketing and business. Or you should take some expert advice who can guide you in getting some good detail about advertising and customer behaviour.


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krishna-agrawala | Student

So rajpoot has, as evident from Post #6 selected a product to be marketed. The next logical thing would be to select a specific aspect of marketing such as advertising, pricing, distribution, market segmentation etc. My guidelines in Post #5 can be used for such selection also.

rajpoot | Student

hello i m a student of MBA and want some help in marketing project about battery charge with solar system if u can help me in this project

krishna-agrawala | Student

If you are just looking for just different ideas on the possible topic for your project, perhaps the most handy source of information for you will be the list of contents of your textbook. If it comes to picking different ideas on product, again you can make a fairly long list of products that you are using in your house or outside it.

But if you are expecting to get some guidance on what projects will be best suited for you, then I suggest a more systematic approach. There are several considerations that will influence your choice. These include:

  1. The topics covered in the class along with any indication your teacher may have given about the nature of topics.
  2. Your interest. For example, if you are the creative type, you may prefer a project that involves designing an advertisement. Alternatively, if you are outgoing type and like to interview people you may select a market research project.
  3. Time effort and money available to you for completing the project. If a project involves collecting data from people from ten different towns and cities, you may not have the resources available.
  4. Related to the point 3 above is availability of information required. If you need to compare advertisement of two competing brands of a product in appearing in local newspaper, you can easily get the required information. But if you need to assess the impact of these advertisement on their sales, this information is not so easy to get.

I suggest that you draw up a list of about a dozen projects yourself, and then using the criteria suggested above. progressively projects from your list till you are left with just one. This is most likely to be the best project for you.


epollock | Student

Try creating a product or service that you can do in a relatively short period of time, like food, or possibly a mystery shopper business. Then report on what it is like to start a business.