I need some help mixing the idea of insanity into the Twilight books.Anything will help , which book it comes from doesnt matter much, and the more you have to say the more it will help me just...

I need some help mixing the idea of insanity into the Twilight books.

Anything will help , which book it comes from doesnt matter much, and the more you have to say the more it will help me just throw out any idea that comes to your mind no matter how far fetched it is.  Thank You :D :D

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slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The theme of insanity can be explored in relation to the vampires lust for blood. When Edward first meets Bella, he is overcome by the desire to kill her, and he must fight both mental and physical urges to attack her. His strong desire can be described as insanity of sorts; mentally he is almost overcome to the point of no return. It takes a lot of strength and struggle for him to face his physical desire and just return to school, let alone speak and befriend Bella. When vampires enter the insane mental "blood lust" once they start drinking, it is nearly impossible to stop. When Edward has to suck James' venom out of Bella's hand, he experiences this challenge. The dark insanity of the Volturi and the humans involved with the Volturi can also be explored. The Volturi give in to their vampire nature and don't try to fight it. They live an evil existence, roping in humans and killing them. There are even humans who work for the Volturi who can be argued to be insane, since they readily risk their lives knowing that the Volturi may kill them at any moment. Another perspective you can explore is Alice's past as a psychic who was viewed as insane and locked away. Alice cannot remember her human past, which is revealed as a very dark past where her family locked her away in an insane asylum because she had visions. She lived in the dark all alone, not much of a life at all. All of these aspects of insanity could be explored in a very interesting paper. Great idea, I would love to hear what else you come up with.

Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My first thought in regards to insanity was the description of James when he first caught Bella's "scent."  Thinking upon the subject even more, Edward himself mentions his trouble in resisting Bella's blood time and time again.  Consider Bella's first impression of Edward in class, clenching his fists in pain/anger.  She quite honestly wonders what the heck his problem is!  He is not acting normally, of course.  I suppose this could be a manifestation of insanity as well.  Regardless, all the instances (from the first book) that I can think of all revolve around human blood being the source of nourishment for these vampires.  Thank God we're human!

zumba96 | Student

Insanity can relate to Bella trying to get herself killed just to see Edward once again and begging Edward to turn her into a vampire and lose her human self. She has some very dangerous and not smart thoughts that are extremely questionable...

udonbutterfly | Student

Insanity is a concept that is shown a lot throughout the Twilight series. We all know Bella is a magnet for trouble but what makes her unique is that she does not run away from danger but in fact embraces.  Some examples of insanity through Bella:

  1. She figures out that Edward is vampire and without the knowledge of what he preys on she chooses to love him any way. (Twilight)
  2. She wants to become a vampire and usually nags Edward about it. (All haha)
zales90 | Student

okay...maybe love vs insanity can be a consistent theme.

really Edward was going to kill himself when he thought belle died, belle repeatedly put herself in danger to her Edward's voice, Victoria is responsible for countless deaths because of her wounded heart, Jacob turned his back on his tribe when he basically told Bella he was a werewolf,and the cousin in Alaska turned her back on her family because of Laurent.

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