I need some help finding the pure gothic aspects of Frankenstein.  Please help, I have some ideas but not nearly enough for revision.

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There are several:

Body snatching or grave robbing--that one should be obvious.

Gothic Counterfeit--many gothic works present themselves as recoveries/presentations of some older texts.  Shelley doesn't exactly do this, but she does separate herself from the work by beginning it with a series of letters and with Victor telling his story on the ship.

Dreaming/Nightmares--after re-animating the corpse, Victor falls into an exhausted sleep.  He dreams about kissing his love, Elizabeth, who turns in to the rotting corpse of his dead mother.

The Grotesque--(one of my personal favorites) mutation of the characters, plants, animals, setting, etc in a work.  Victor sets out to create a perfect man; instead, he creates a monstrosity.

Terror--terror stimulates the mind and imagination; it often challenges intellectual reasoning

The Pursued Protagonist--again, pretty obvious


Transformation/metamorphosis--change in appearance; change in the form or function of an organism, either by natural or unnatural processes

I've taught Gothicism and Frankenstein, but for my list of Gothic characteristics, I used the following website:


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thank you very much!

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