Examine how Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible becomes a trustworthy character at the end of the trial.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that one direct piece of evidence that shows how Elizabeth has become trustworthy at the end of the trial is that she demonstrates herself to be committed to what is the truth.  Elizabeth does not carry herself in the trial with any political agenda or any sort of duplicitous motive.  She carries herself with only the love of her family in mind.  Elizabeth is trustworthy because she could have easily used the trial to slander Abigail.  Rather, she does not do so.  She does not do this to preserve her own integrity, reflective of her trustworthy nature.  Yet, she also does not do this because of the implications that it will carry for her husband.  Elizabeth lies to protect her husband, and while the act of deception might initially prove otherwise, in the condition such an act demonstrates a sense of trustworthiness.  Elizabeth is so confounded by the governmental institution that has become corrupt that she cannot figure out what path will benefit her.  It is for this reason that she relies on her faith in her family and the love of what matters.  In this, she demonstrates her trustworthiness in not using the trials to advocate an agenda that will benefit her.  Rather, her trustworthiness in the outcome of the trial rests with the idea that she loves her family and will do what she can to defend them.  It is here where she can be seen as trustworthy in a condition where so few are.