I need some facts about mars. Can we live in mars? Thanks

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mars is the fourth planet closest to the sun that has a reddish appearance due to high prevalence of iron oxide in its crust. It is a terrestrial planet similar to Mercury, Venus and Earth. Currently there are researches being made to determine if life is evident in the surface of Mars. However we cannot fully say that humans can thrive on Mars for several reasons:

1. Limited researches are currently available today. The latest scientific evidence is the presence of cyanobacteria.

2. Limited sources of water. 

3. Has high radiation compared to the Earth since there are no magnetic fields to prevent it from getting to the surface.

4. The temperature is too cold for humans to feel (-184F to -51 F)

5. Limited amounts of oxygen

6. There are too much pressure 

But scientists are not losing all the hopes in finding ways that humans can inhabit the Mars. But as of now, WE CAN’T.


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