What are some examples of compound machines that I could replicate for a school project?

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dcbiostat eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A compound machine is a machine that utilizes two or more simple machines. A simple machine is a tool that changes a force's direction or magnitude. Simple machines are used to make a job easier. Levers, pulleys, wedges, inclined planes, wheels and axils, and screws are considered to be simple machines.

Below is a list of compound machine models that could be made for your school project.  Beside each compound machine are the simple machines that work together in order to make the item.

1. Bulldozer - wedge, lever, wheel and axil, and screws

2. Clippers or scissors - lever, wedge, and screw

3. Wheel barrel - wheel and axil, lever, and screws

4. Crane or tow truck - lever, pulley, wheel and axil, and screws

5. Garden hoe - lever and wedge

I hope this helps!

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