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I need an idea to create an experiment that violates a nonverbal social norm.

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Your question is a bit hard to understand. It would be helpful to know what you want to study. Without that piece of knowledge, all I can do is offer you some suggestions of possible experiments of breaking non-verbal social norms.

It is important to know the cultural logic of non-verbal social norms. Only when you know these, will you be able to break them. In our American culture, there are a few accepted nonverbal social norms.

First, there is an idea of personal space. If you invade personal space, then you can see how people react. In order to conduct this experiment, all you need to do is go closer and closer to a person to see what happens.

Second, there is also a unwritten code of conduct in terms of staring and pointing at people. Both are not acceptable in polite society. So, if you did these actions, you can observe how people react. If you write up your observations and findings, it can be an interesting study.

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