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David Copperfield

by Charles Dickens

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How would you give an outline of David Copperfield in about 150 words?

Expert Answers

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Wow! You do realise that this is one of the longest novels by Charles Dickens! Any attempt to summarise it in 150 words is going to miss out a number of details, so I have included a few links below to the enotes study section of this novel so you can gain more information. Here goes...

The novel tells the story of the life of David Copperfield and how he was borne, grew up being abused by his stepfather and then how he was adopted by his relative, Betsy Trotwood. It also charts his marriage to Dora and her death and his more sensible marriage to Agnes. His friendship with Steerforth and how he abuses that friendship is likewise commented upon. The entire focus of the novel is on how David Copperfield develops as a character from an innocent who faces severe challenges, to being a productive member of society who as, after a great struggle, gained a certain level of self-knowledge thanks to the various trials and temptations he has experienced and withstood. Although there is a happy ending to this tale, it is one that is only achieved at some price, after lots of unhappiness, that forces David Copperfield to mature and develop.

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