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How can the word "nativism" be used in a sentence?

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The word “nativism” can be used quite easily in any sentence having to do with attitudes that people hold towards immigrants.  The word will be used a number of times in sentences in this answer.

Nativism is the feeling that the people who are native to a country are superior to those who come to the country as immigrants.  In other words, nativism is an anti-immigrant ideology.  There have been many groups that have believed in nativism over the years in the United States.  Perhaps the first group to espouse nativism as a major part of its thinking was the group known as the Know-Nothings in the 1840s and 1850s.  This group believed in nativism because it felt that Irish immigrants in particular were inferior to “native” Americans.

Today, there is much opposition to immigration, particularly illegal immigration.  Many of the people who oppose illegal immigration have been accused of nativism because they seem to worry that Hispanic culture in particular (being brought by immigrants) is diluting and weakening American culture.

As can be seen here, there are many possible sentences that can include the word “nativism.” 

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