I need a sample of a thesis statment for The Kite Runner, please, if anyone can help

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All the suggestions made above are valuable and helpful. You may also want to consider trying to explain why you find the book effectively written and artistically compelling.  In other words, what makes this book worth reading as a piece of skillful writing rather than as a discussion of ideas.  If the author had simply intended to discuss ideas, he could easily have written an essay.  Why, instead, did he choose to create a novel with plot, characters, setting, imagery, structure, etc. How skillfully did he handle these aspects of novel-writing?  You might even want to choose just one chapter, or one paragraph, and analyze that chapter or that paragraph as a piece of effective writing.

I would probably concentrate on the theme of atonement, and how a person's past sins and negative actions can eventually be resolved. Amir was able to clear his conscience somewhat after his return to Afghanistan to recover Sohrab. Additionally, as he matured, he was able to establish a better...

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