I need a review of fundamentals of electrostatics , static theroy have a test tomorrow

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You need to start your electrostatic review with the chapter regarding the electrostatic field.

In this chapter, you need to review the principle of superposition and the different types of charges such that: line charge lambda, surface charge sigma, charge per unit of volume rho. You need to know the formulas that allow you to evaluate the electric field, at a point, for the three types of charges:

  • `bar E = 1/(4pi epsilon_0)*int_lambda bar r/r^2 lambda dl`
  • `bar E = 1/(4pi epsilon_0)*int_sigma bar r/r^2 sigma da`
  • `bar E = 1/(4pi epsilon_0)*int_rho bar r/r^2 rho d tau`

You also need to review the chapter regarding the divergence and curl of electrostatic fields. In this chapter, you need to review both forms of Gauss's law for symmetric charge distributions, integral and differential forms. You also need to review the electric potential, that is the scalar function whose gradient is given by electric field.

Hence, as a conclusion, you need to review the three basic reciprocal quantities of electrostatics: charge density,` rho` , electric field,` bar E` and the electric potential `V` . As long as one of them is given, the other two quantities canbe evaluated.

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