I need a recent news items related to socialism (with date, source, and/or links).

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There have been quite a few articles on socialism recently.

Not surprisingly, President Obama seems to be at the middle of questions regarding his supposed Socialistic attitude (not surprising given the elections). One article, published in Forbes, questions whether it is acceptable to ask Obama if he is a Socialist. Another article, this time published in "The San Francisco Chronicle," debates the same ideas as seen in the previously mentioned Forbes article.

The June 2012 edition of "American Thinker" published an article regarding the misuse of the term socialism. Another article published on the same site, puts a historical, and Shakespearean twist, on socialism: "Socialism, by Any Other Name, is Still Socialism."

One last article, published by Reuters, tells about a Greek political official who is making "a last ditch attempt" to form a new government.