What are some really interesting facts about Roald Dahl?

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Roald Dahl's life reads like a storybook, but there were sadder moments interspersed with times of adventure and great joy. Dahl seemed to be the living proof that nobody's life is cut out in advance but is made along the way with much deliberation and a little bit of luck.  For instance, Dahl was never fond of school, was a mediocre student, but turned out to be one of the most popular children's and adults' writers of his time.

In early manhood, Roald Dahl worked as a representative for the Shell Oil Company, learning Swahili along the way. Later he became a RAF fighter pilot, and almost got shot down more than once in air battles. By chance, he related some of his hair-raising adventures to C.S. Forester, an established writer, who encouraged him to have his stories put into print. Dahl took his advice, submitting his stories to a popular magazine (The Saturday Evening Post), and had immediate success. Later he wrote more autobiographical sketches (in Boy, and Going Solo).

There is an official Roald Dahl site where you can learn more about this fascinating writier. This would be the best place to start gleaning your information:


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