I need quotes for the secondary characters Clara, Susy, and Aunt Clara.

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In Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, we hear about three women who actually never appear in the novel. We only know about them through reports of other characters.

Two such women are Clara and Susy, both of whom run houses of prostitution in Soledad. Whit tells George that Susy is an amusing woman who often jokes around with her customers.

"Like she says when we come up on the front porch las’ Sat’day night. Susy opens the door and then she yells over her shoulder, ‘Get yor coats on, girls, here comes the sheriff.’"

As for Clara, the woman who runs the other house of prostitution, I have no knowledge of her making a statement at any point in the novel. Whit's only comment about Clara and her house is as follows:

“We don’t never go there. Clara gets three bucks a crack and thirty-five cents a shot, and she don’t crack no jokes."

As for Aunt Clara, the woman who raised Lennie, we have several quotations from her in the novel, all of which occur in Steinbeck's last chapter, in which Lennie imagines his Aunt Clara chasting him for his behavior and commenting on how George's life would have been different if he didn't have to take care of Lennie. Consider the following example:

“You never give a thought to George,” she went on in Lennie’s voice. “He been doin’ nice things for you alla time. When he got a piece of pie you always got half or more’n half. An’ if they was any ketchup, why he’d give it all to you.”


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