I need quotes and page numbers describing key places in To Kill a Mockingbird's Maycomb County.

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FINCH'S LANDING.  The Finch family homestead is not far from Maycomb, "some twenty miles east of Finch's Landing." (Chapter 1)

THE MAYCOMB TOWN SQUARE.  Among the buildings and businesses located here are the Maycomb Bank, where Atticus has his office; the Maycomb Jail, "the most venerable and hideous of the county's buildings." It stood between Tyndal's Hardware Store and The Maycomb Tribune office. The OK Cafe and the Drug Store stand on the northeast corner, while the Jitney Jungle and V. J. Elmore's are located on the southwest corner. (Chapter 15)

THE FINCH'S NEIGHBORHOOD.  Atticus' house sits on the main street (unidentified) in Maycomb. Miss Stephanie's house and Miss Maudie's house sits directly across the street. Miss Rachel lives next door to the Finches, and Mrs. Dubose lives next door to Miss Rachel. Across the street from Mrs. Dubose is the boarding house in which Mr. Avery lives. The Radley house is located at the end of the street three houses down from the Finches. A deer pasture is located behind the homes on Atticus' side of the street. (Chapter 4)

I have included a link below to eNotes' excellent map of Maycomb.

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