I need a quote showing how Macbeth (in Shakespeare's Macbeth) shows a lack of guilt. My thoughts are that after killing Duncun, Macbeth no longer feels guilt and is pretty relentless. I need a quote demonstrating that he is a changed person and that his character is deteriorating. Please help. Thank you! :)

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I believe that Act III, Scene 1, in Shakespeare's Macbeth is probably the best scene to gather evidence for the change in Macbeth's character. Be careful how you express where the change in his character is evident. He is full of guilt after he kills Duncan; however, Macbeth becomes ruthless in the events leading to Banquo's murder. I would advise you to first gather quotations after Duncan's murder to indicate how guilty Macbeth feels at this point. For instance, you could indicate Macbeth's guilt by quoting his dialogue in Act II, Scene 2, when he tells Lady Macbeth that he will not go back to place the daggers near the grooms and smear them with blood after he murders Duncan.

I'll go no more:

I am afraid to think what I have done;

Look on't again I dare not

As well, at the end of Act 2, Scene 2, Macbeth hears knocking. His guilt and regret is reflected in his desire to wake Duncan with the knocking if he could.

To know my deed, 'twere best not know myself.

Wake Duncan with thy knocking! I...

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