I need a quote on the scar in Lord of the Flies and its symbolism.Anything that has to do with the boys destroying the island is good but specifically the scar.

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You are probably having a difficult time finding a quote because the scar is not related to the boys destroying the island.  The scar is the path of burned island made by the plane as it went down and the storm dragged it into the ocean.  The boys destroy the island by fire.  The two ideas are somewhat related because the destruction on the island is caused by humans--both human error and malice. 

The scar made by the plane is a constant reminder of why the boys are on the island.  They were being moved to safety, away from the world war that made where they lived unsafe--most likely the German bombing of London during World War 2.  The scar ties the violence that occurs on the island to that of the world as a whole.  The boys' inability to get along on the island reflects the adults' inability to get along as well. 

The first reference to the scar is as follows:

"When we was coming down I looked through one of them windows.  I saw the other part of the plane.  There were flames coming out of it.""

He looked up and down the scar.

"And this is what the cabin done." 

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