I need a quote (with the page number) about fencing from The Shakespeare Stealer.

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kiwi eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are at least five key events associated with fencing in the novel. Firstly, we have the brief altercation with Mr. Armin and Falconer in Chapter 8, page 54, which has its fatal conclusion in Chapter 27 pages 206/7. This fight illustrates the skill that both men have for fencing, and provides a clue at the beginning that although Falconer appears coarse and brutal, he is skilled at this delicate but fatal art. We may have been able to ascertain that he was as equally skilled on the stage as his "master" Simon Bass.

We see Widge being introduced to the moves of fencing in an alarming but effective way on page 83:

“Stramazone!” Mr Armin shouted, and I shrank back, believing we were being cursed in some foreign tongue. The two students made slicing motions with their sticks.

The altercation between Julian and Nick on pages 157-158 reveals Nick’s brutality, and in wounding his fellow player, Julia/n’s true gender.

In the duel between Nick and the university student on pages 166-170, we see Widge use his first aid skills to save Nick from a potentially fatal would to the throat. Widge has become fiercely loyal to members of the players, but is as much defending Julia’s honour as Nick’s.