How do I make a print out or hardcopy of part of a book? I need to print p253-274 of "Religious Values and Moral Reasoning in Uncle Tom's Cabin."  Author is Joswick, Thomas P.  How do I do this Please help!

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There are several ways to make a printout of all or part of a book.

If the book is in public domain, you may be able to find it on Google Books. You can print selections from the book from your browser.

If the book is not available electronically, you need to find a hardcopy and either scan or photocopy the relevant pages. Look in the electronic catalogues of university and public libraries near you, go into the library, and ask the librarians for help locating the book and using the photocopiers.

If the book is not available in a nearby library, you can put in a request at your school or a public library for obtaining the book via Interlibrary loan. The library will obtain the book from another library and allow you to photocopy relevant pages.

You can also buy a copy of the book. Several websites such as bookfinder allow you to search offerings of thousands of used and new bookdealers to find the best price. Generally, you can obtain a copy of a book this way in a few days.


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