I need a poetry explanation - "ON THE MOVE" by THOM GUNN for the first 2 stanzas.

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The link below provides you with much of the in-depth information that you need to fulfill your presentaton requirements. I suggest that you use the link to further your understanding of the author and his poetry since he is linked with 1950s poets often referred to as Beatniks or Beats. Also, look back over the poem as a whole to see how your assignment to present the first two stanzas coordinate. Look at the imagery and compare and contrast those images with each other to find more meaning to other texts, the world, and possibly other poems or literature. Look at pictures of what motorcycles looked like back in 1955 to see if you can find out what Gunn is talking about when he says things like, "Small, black, like flies hanging in the heat" and apply that to something that you understand. (No one can argue with you if you apply the poem to what you understand in your own life.)  Maybe you could print off a picture of a man with his motorcycle in 1955 for a visual aide in your presentation, too.

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