I need a paragraph stating how the author addressed the issues in To kill a mockingbird

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jenniferhays eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To best answer this question, it would be best to discuss one specific issue which is addressed in the novel.  It would be difficult, if not impossible, to address all of the novel’s topics in just one short paragraph.  However, two of the main issues that are discussed in the novel are racism and a destruction of innocence (killing a mockingbird).  Racism is addressed in a variety of ways throughout the novel.  We see it with the trial of Tom, the reaction of the town when they learn that Atticus is defending him, and in Bob Ewell’s reaction when he sees Tom with his daughter, Mayella.  The destruction of innocence is also seen through the character of Boo Radley as the town reacts to his self-imposed isolation.  It would be best to find one main theme in the novel and write one paragraph for each of the themes discussed. 

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