From Sophocles' Oedipus, I need one quote showing that Oedipus went through a discovery and suffering.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A significant quote that shows how Oedipus went through a the process of suffering as a result of discovery can be seen at the end of the drama.  It is at this point where the convergence between discovery and suffering and its impact on Oedipus and his family is most evident.  Confronted with the discovery that he is the root of the suffering of Thebes and that he is the cause of the shame in his family.  When he recognizes the hanging of his wife/ mother as well as the pure force of suffering that is the result of discovery, he blinds himself and pledges to self- exile into the country. He speaks to Creon and the audience at the end as a man broken by the intensity of discovery and suffering. When Oedipus speaks to his children, it shows a painful connection between discovery and suffering:

Come here, come to these hands of mine that are siblings to yours, hands that brought to this sad state the once bright eyes of your begetting father, who children, neither seeing nor knowing was proved your father from the same place he himself sprang.

This quote shows how Oedipus went through a discovery and suffering.  The transformation and reversal that Oedipus undergoes is an integral part of the quote.  The "sad state" of suffering is brought about as a result of discovery. In this quote, Oedipus articulates the sad and painful connection between discovery and suffering that makes the narrative so uniquely and painful human.

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