I need a news article on a someone starting a new business venture in 2014. 

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is no shortage of information available on the Internet regarding entrepreneurship and new business ventures launched during the current calendar year.  With the recent public-offering of the mammoth Chinese software company Alibaba, whose home page URL is at http://www.alibabagroup.com/en/global/home, the focus on business ventures, new and existing companies experiencing unprecedented growth or contraction, remains constant among publications dedicated to the business world.  Journals, newspapers and websites, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg News (and its partner publication Business Week), International Investor, and many others all provide current news and analysis on the corporate world, including new entrants and new projects by existing businesses.  [links to the websites for these publications are provided below]

One particularly interesting 2014 start-up is Vestaron Corporation, discussed, along with other 2014 start-ups, in the New York Times article the link to which is: http://www.vestaron.com/.  Vestaron is a newly-established biochemical company created to research, develop and market environmentally-friendly pesticides, including one derived from spider venom.  Along with the aforementioned New York Times article and the company’s website, a very useful article is “Spider Research Helps Vestaron Build a Better Pesticide” (Southwest Michigan’s Second Wave, March 13, 2014), accessible at: http://swmichigan.secondwavemedia.com/features/Spider-research-helps-Vestaron-build-a-better-pesticide-0313.aspx.

This should be sufficient to develop a research paper or project on one particular 2014 start-up.