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In the book Foxfire the narrator is a woman named Madeline Fritz Wirtz.  She is employed as an assistant to an astronomer. In her younger years she was a member of an all female gang.  Fifty years later she develops notes to account for the gangs activities.

Margaret Ann “Legs” Sadovsky was only 16 when she helped to form the gang.  She comes from a dysfunctional broken home.  Her mother died and her father is an alcoholic.  She likes to create mischief.

Elizabeth (Rita) O’Hagan is an overweight girl who was sexually abused by her ninth grade math teacher.  She had also been gang rape by a group of boys.  She will violate the gang’s rules when she dates a boy.

Betty “Goldie” Siefried is a second lieutenant and is taller than the boys in her class.  She failed a grade.

Loretta (Lana) Maguire is a pretty blond girl who has a lazy eye.

Violet “Snow White” Kahn is very beautiful which she uses to the benefit of the gang.

Whitney Kellogg, Jr. is a kidnap victim who is attracted to Violet.

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