I need a map about The Giver. Do any of you know where I can get one off the internet? And what are some short rules from the giver?

mkcapen1 | Student

I searched for you, but I did not find any resource for a map.  You are going to have to be creative and develop one.  You will need to have a lodge where they have the ceremonies.  Some service buildings, single family homes, a nurturing center, the house of the old with an annex, a plaza, a release center, the Giver's home, a school, bike racks, and a river. 


1.  No taking food.

2. No teaching children under 9 to ride a bike.

3.  Ribbons worn in the hair must be tied neatly.

4.  No incorrect use of language.

5. No sharing of memories. (For Jonas)

6.  Only two children per parental unit.

7.  No leaving the community.

8.  People will be released when they are no use to the community anymore.

9.  Parental units will move into a common house once their children have been raised.

10.  After they turn 12 children will no longer attend school.

11.  No saving food from meals.

12.  Every person in the community will attend all called meetings or ceremonies.  (with the exception of the Giver)

13.  Nurturers and their families may not become attached to the children in their care.


fdroslin | Student

mkcapen1 You made some errors in your answer. On rule ten, students still attend lessons. It stated so many times in the book after Jonas got his assignment. And in thirtee, you sort of mis-phrased it. The families are allowed to be attatched to their own children, which are children in their care. Besides that, I think you're alright.

lbalajti | Student

YOu can find out almost everithing in page 27

ikea001 | Student

hey i have been looking for that too do you know where i could find one?

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