What should be covered in a presentation related to gender relations in western (American or European) movies and novels ca. 1900?

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In order to do a presentation on gender relationships in turn-of-the century novels, you need two things, a theoretical framework and a set of exemplary texts. For a theoretical framework, you should choose some form of gender studies approach. If you are interest in archival or historical studies, liberal feminism and the "return to the archive" would be a good approach. If you are curious about gender as performance, you should choose the work of Judith Butler. Other possibilities are queer studies, postmodern feminism, Marxism, and male studies approaches.

Once you have determined your basic theoretical frame, you shoulld select a small group of related texts that illustrate your point. For example, the decadent works of Huysmans and Oscar Wilde would fit a queer studies approach, but Zola or Gissing might be better for a Marxist approach.


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