In a paragraph, show the reader that a garbage can has tipped over. Do not use the words tipped, over, garbage, or can.Be sure to SHOW and not TELL

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kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Crumpled on the tile locker room floor he lay. Blood formed a circle around his head. When I saw him, I immediately leapt across the room from the doorway. But something stopped me at midpoint. I didn't see it because my eyes were glued to the boy who lay on the floor. It was a huge metal cylinder that came at me from the right side, that caused me to fly against a wall of lockers. When I tried to open my eyes, to look out through the slits of swollen skin, I saw it. On it's side, it lay with paper, soda cans and chip bags spilling from it's huge mouth onto the tile floor near my head. If I could name it, I would. But I can't because in this assignment, I am not allowed to say the word "garbage can".

ophelious eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, friend, I am happy to chip in:

As I was getting into my car I noticed something horrible: the racoons were at it again. The end of my driveway was covered with the remnants of last night's dinner, two cleaned out closets, and a million strips of shredded junk mail...all being birthed from a torn-open Hefty bag. "They'll eat anything," I said to myself, walking over and righting the steel home that had once housed this mess. "Filthy buggers," I said, putting the lid back on.

jben1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Trash was strewn everywhere. Orange peels, popsicle sticks, soda cans, scraps of meat in jellied gravy, q-tips, noodles, junk mail, a broken coffee mug--surrounded, once again, by muddy hyena tracks. They had upset the heavy plastic receptacle with ease. "What do we have to do, hire a security team?" asked my husband sarcastically. 

pelinhope | Student

Once upon a time, there was a shiny circle who found that she had begun to grow.  Not wider.  She could still reach her arms out and touch all the parts of her circle.  But she was growing taller, as if there were lots of circles being placed one on top of the other to make her!  She was excited.  Now, she wasn't stuck on the ground anymore:  She had these exciting "sides!" that attached her bottom-side to the ground and her top-side to the sky.  This was great!  And she could show off her shininess to everyone.  She loved it when people would say, "Oh, wow, look how bright that is!"  In fact, she was so bright that the people around her began to throw things that they didn't want anymore inside of her.  That way, her shininess wouldn't blind them.  It worked.  Not only was her shiny skin covered on the inside by the things they threw, but it also became covered on the outside.  It seems that people, when throwing things into a giant grown shiny circle, don't have very good aim.  So all kinds of foods and beverages that were no longer needed ended up on the outside of her.  One day, there were some kids playing around her.  She normally liked to watch and listen to the children play.  Sometimes they even used her for a base or as part of their forts.  But today they seemed angry at her.  They grabbed her topside and pulled so hard that her sides, her once-beautiful, shiny sides, were lying on the dirt.  Thank heavens for the old pop bottles leaking down the outside.  No one could see her crying.