I need to make a cd with songs that would fit with romeo and julietwhat music would be good i thought titanic would be one

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Dire Straits has a song called "Romeo and Juliet," which is (you guessed it!) about two lovers and their relationship. 

Also, The Reflections came out with a song in 1964 called "(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet." 

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You can use Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" - for the mascarade where Romeo first sees Juliet. You could do "War" by Edwin Starr for the opening fight between the Montagues and Capulets.


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Rat Trap by The Boomtown Rats. A story of a desparate young couple fatally trapped by their surroundings.


Billy don't like it living here in this town
He says the traps have been sprung long before he was born
He says "hope bites the dust behind all the closed doors
And puss and grime ooze from its scab crusted sores
There's screaming and crying in the high rise blocks"
It's a rat trap, Billy, but you're already caught
But you can make it if you wanna or you need it bad enough
You're young and good looking and you're acting kind of tough
Anyway, it's Saturday night, time to see what's going down
Put on the bright suit, Billy, head for the right side of town
It's only 8 o'clock, but you're already bored
You don't know what it is, but there's got to be more

Little Judy's trying to watch "Top of the Pops"
But mum and dad are fighting don't they ever stop
She takes off her coat and walks out to the street
It's cold on that road, but it's got that home beat
Deep down in her pockets she finds 50p
Hey, is that any way for a young girl to be
"I'm gonna get out of school, work in some factory
Work all the hours God gave me, get myself a little easy money
now, now, now"

She finally finds Billy down at the Italian cafe
And when he's drunk it's hard to understand what Billy says
But then he mumbles in his coffee and suddenly roars
"It's a rat trap Judy, and we've been caught"

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u can use the songs used in the movie. my fav is When Doves Cry.

*the movie is the version with Lenado Decaprio*

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the song

-Love story- by Taylor Swift: fits in perfectly to Romeo and Juliet =)