I need a long answer question for The Great Gatsby Chapter VII.

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e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is the chapter where the novel's central conflict reaches its climax. Gatsby and Tom argue over/about Daisy. In this chapter we see the various sides of Gatsby's character - his concern for Daisy's reputation; his affability and shy social manner; his willingness also to put his own interests first. 

Long answer questions for this chapter could ask students to consider how Gatsby's character is shown to be multifaceted and complex, citing evidence. Alternatively a question might ask students to focus on how Gatsby's character in this chapter, in its variability, reflects Gatsby's complex history (affable yet firm; a rogue but a dreamer, etc.) 

More topical questions could focus on 1) the differences between Tom and Gatsby that are shown in this chapter, 2) Daisy's reaction to the argument between Tom and Gatsby as well as her response to the facts divulged therein, 3) how Gatsby's position at the end of the chapter (outside Daisy's house) symbolizes his position in relation to his romantic dream. 

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