I need to level the six blooms taxonomy related with subtracting 3 digit numbers with borrowing how can i describe each of those being observed just want to make sure i have all of them

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Assuming you are interested only in the cognitive domain:

(1) Knowledge -- the student should be able to match the definitions of keywords (e.g. carry, subtrahend, minuend,etc...) or write definitions from memory.

(2) Comprehesion -- the student should be able to state in their own words how to subtract 3 digit numbers.

(3) Application -- the student should be able to correctly compute the difference of 3 digits numbers.

(4) Analysis -- the student should be able to diagram the steps for subtraction, or outline the procedure, etc...

(5) Synthesis -- the student should be able to create a problem given conditions (e.g. write a subtraction problem that requires two carry operations)

(6) Evaluation -- the student should be able to identify mistakes and explain what is wrong and how to correct them.

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