Twelve Angry Men Questions and Answers
by Reginald Rose

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I need a lead for an essay about Juror Eight where I've proved that he's a hero because of his revolt against the status quo.

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Your lead should set the stage for your proof that Juror Eight is a hero.  Present the situation in which Juror Eight finds himself, including the circumstances that cause him to initially vote as he did.  By explaining the testimony presented before the jurors begin their deliberations, you build your basis to support your later conclusions.  Summarize the positions initially taken by the other members of the jury and the reasons for those positions, as the contrast and conflict resulting from the differing opinions is the critical focus of the story.

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miseson | Student

Juror 8: “There were 11 votes for guilty. It is not easy for me to raise my hand and send a boy off to die without talking about it first.”

you should use this quote because it shows that he is taking the case very seriously rather than the others, who just vote guilty.