I need to launch a marble and predict its landing location.  Help? I am launching a marble from a launcher off of a table 1.14 meters high.  With knowing the velocity is 4.0512 m/s, could someone help me carry out the necassary calculations to predict the distance to where the marble will land?  

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You did not say, but assuming the marble is launching horizontally off the edge of the table you would do the following:

1. calculate the time it takes the marble to fall 1.14 meters using the equation delta y = 1/2gt^2, where delta y is the height, g is acceleration due to gravity, and t is the time the marble is falling.

1.14 m = 1/2 * 9.8 * t^2

t = 0.48 seconds.

2. Now while the marble is falling, it is also moving at a velocity of 4.0512 m/s in the x-direction.  Since distance = velocity * time, you know the velocity, and the time from step 1, so you can find the distance where the marble will land. This of course ignores any friction between marble and table, and any air resistance.

d = 4.0512 * 0.48 = 1.95 m

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