the need for language clarity.recognizing the way language is used to gain our advantage without our knowledge.

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Language clarity is an important aspect of writing for authors to consider. We often find works more appealing that are easy for us to read and relate to. For example, many students find the writing style of Shakespeare difficult and cumbersome. The language used in Shakespeare's time has changed. We no longer easily understand his language usage which makes some of his writing unclear. A more modern work seems to have clearer language because it is written with a style and language that we understand today. If such a modern work were transported back in time to Shakespeare's day, they would probably view it the same way many see Shakespeare's works. A work that is written with clear, concise language will speak to readers in ways that a more convoluted work will not. This is not something that we think about, but rather something that happens subconsciously.