I need to known,how can I prepare E-Commerce Business plan? ThanksEspecially in Executive summary,Internet Business Issues and Business Description

krishna-agrawala | Student

E-commerce refers to business that is carried out making heavy use of information technology. Generally this involves use of Internet based selling systems. The information technology part of such e-commerce system constitute a small part of all the considerations that need to go into development of a good business plan.

As far as information technology part of the business plan is concerned it mus address the following issues.

  • The extent to which information technology. This mus include the function sot be covered and the desired degree of automation.
  • The degrees to which the various systems will be integrated.
  • Nature of changes in business processes essential to get maximum benefit from the proposed e-systems.
  • The nature of hardware and software required.
  • How the required software will be acquired. This will need to address questions like standard versus custom made and single vendor versus multiple vendor.
  • Time frame for developing and implementing the system
  • The monetary implication of the business plan.